Understanding Basic of Data Integration


Here in this article, we will discuss about Data Integration . What is the Data Integration and data integration tools ? You also know in this article about data integration services. You can also find in this article what is data integration techniques. In this article we will cover information about data integration meaning , example and data integration software.

Let’s start with data integration meaning:

The process of combining data from various source and combining it in a single unified view is known as data integration. It  entail the extraction transformation and loading of data from many sources so that it may be used for reporting and analysis. Organisations can obtain insights into their data and decrease waste by integrating their data.

Data integration using salesforce data integration tools is the topic of the data integration expert uperbadge solution. For salesforce developer who wish to becoime experts in data integration there is a superbadge available. Candidates for the data Integration specialist superbadge solution must successfully complete a number of tasks including data integration and trandformation  and loading of data from diverse sources utilising salesforces data integration technologies.

Data Integration Tools :

  • SnapLogic
  • Oracle Data Integrator 12c
  • SAP Data Services
  • Informatica
  • Workato
  • Boomi
  • MuleSoft
  • Celigo
  • Jitterbit
  • Zapier

A common open source data integration technology that allow to enterprises to combine data from a variety of sources is Talend ETL tool .

Oracle Data Integrator

The oracle corporation offers the data integration tool known as Oracle Data Integrator . It offers a variety of feature including  data quality and data mapping. Organisations use oracle data Integrator to combine data from many sources, including files databases and online services.

Here some data integration examples :

  • Google AdWwords and Facebook Advertising are used to attract new users
  • Using Google Analytics to monitor activity on its website and mobile application
  • User data and image metadata are stored in a MySQL database
  • Marketo will send promotional emails and cultivate leads
  • Zendesk will handle customer service
  • Netsuite for financial management and accounting

The process of merging data from many database and making it accessible for analysis and reporting is known as data integration in DBMS. For data integration DBMS offers a variety of tools and method  including ETL ,ELT and CDC which data integration techniques offer a number of chareacteristics including data transformation, data purification, and data mapping.

Data Integration in Data Mining

Data integration is a record preparation technique used in data mining that involves combining data from a few various  source into integrity in order to preserve and present a cohesive perspective of the data. Databases various record cubes could potentially be included in this list of assets. The triple (G, S, and M) approach is how the statistical integration strategy is officially define. G for the global schema, S stands for the diverse sources of schema and M for the mapping between source and global schema queries.

The powerful opensource talend etl tool provides a number of functions for data integration and transformation. Scalability and flexibility are features of cloud data integration like alcoa in pharma and azure integration runtime but better control and security are features of self hosted integration runtime. 

Data Integration Software

Organizations may better analys and make decisions by combining data from several sources into a single view thanks to data integration software. Data from various sources is often extracted structurd  to match a standard and then loaded into a target database . PowerCenter, Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services, Oracle Data Integrator, and Talend Open Studio are a few examples of popular data integration software.

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