IoT (Internet of Things): Definition, Future of IoT, and Application


In today’s world, we all have a mobile phone, laptops or personal computers, or smartwatch with that wireless handset. You also connect your handset with a mobile or computer and if I asked the question then in reply you say using Bluetooth very simple answer. But how does this tiny software have capabilities of doing lots of things like sharing, connecting, etc? For that, you need to first understand the internet of things meaning.

So, here in this post, we discuss related to the internet of things definition with different internet of things examples. What are the different IoT growth and currently how many IoT devices are currently active?

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Internet of Things History:

If we talk about IoT technology history then the first-time word IoT is introduced by computer scientist Kevin Ashton in 1999. In that, they add one RFID chips to track the supply chain. There are lots of different IoT devices list you can add here like sensors, weather prediction systems, Bluetooth, and many other chips which are very tiny and solve your big problem.

Currently, there are more than 75 billion devices included in IoT. So, per person, there is 6 device connected with IoT. These device numbers are now in increasing mode and that’s why the Internet of things history has had a big impact on human life. That new IoT innovations are currently in the working phase.

In 2000, LG announced the first smart refrigerator, in 2007 the first iPhone was launched and by 2008, the number of connected devices exceeded the number of people on the planet.

What is the internet of things (IoT) Technology?

If we move forward to the Internet of things technology definition then it will be the combination of the interrelated computer devices, mechanical devices, and real word entities. This innovation IoT technology means 3A which is related to Any Place, Anything, and Anywhere. In further research, this innovative technology was converted into the 6A. IoT applications for agriculture examples are Smart Green House, Remote Sensing Monitoring, Agricultural drones, etc. Further, we discuss many Internet of things technology & applications.

One of the biggest IoT manufacturing companies we can say is Tesla. Because they will try to make the automated car or automation. For that, they need sensors and devices which recognize the different objects, and based on that will take the decision. Now IoT trends in automotive industry are moving further and growth is incredible.

Internet of Things

How does IoT work?

If we notice one thing that in every device some sensors or small devices are fitted by the different IoT manufacturing companies. IoT devices share the sensor data they collect by connecting to an IoT gateway or other edge device where data is either sent to the cloud to be analyzed or analyzed locally.

IoT interfaces various sensors, cautions, cameras, lights, and mouthpieces to give all day, every day/365 security — which can all be controlled from a PDA. This all is the information you find related internet of things wiki. With that, there are other problems also industry facing like they have a small size to save the data as well as more IoT security concerns. Because as we said that IoT devices collect data then this will much important to provide or secure that device.

These IoT security problems are related to Access Control, Encryption Techniques, Insufficient Data Protection privacy, etc. So, if you want to get some IoT projects ideas then focus on IoT security issues and research them.

Internet of Things Applications :

Let’s focus on the application because currently, a huge number of IoT device are active in the world. In addition, IoT applications for value creation are related to Tracking, low energy consumption, production losses, and verifying the identity. There are different layers in this IoT applications value creation is below.

  1. Physical Things
  2. Sensors
  3. Connectivity
  4. Analytics
  5. Digital Service

So, based on the above model this IoT device worked and IoT applications in healthcare are the most growing field.

  • shop Homes
  • Smart City
  • Self-driving Cars
  • IoT Retail Shops
  • Cultivating
  • Wearables
  • Savvy Grids
  • Modern Internet
  • Telehealth
  • Savvy Supply-chain Management
  • Traffic the executives
  • Water and Waste administration

In Health Care Industry :

  • Distant patient observing
  • Pulse checking
  • Hand cleanliness checking
  • Sorrow and mindset checking
  • Glucose checking

There are some IoT trends. But let’s talk that which are in IoT trends 2022. But in the Future of IoT growth projections are on-ear birds, smartwatches, and handsets. Other is.

  1. 5G Drives IIoT Growth
  2. IoT Delivers Supply Chain Resiliency
  3. IoMT Continues to Expand
  4. Wearables Reach New Heights
  5. Security Remains a Focus

What are the pros and cons of IoT?

Now there is not always this IoT technology is very efficient. One coin has two sides same IoT have their limitation and the other limitation with the Internet of things and machine intelligence.

Minimizes the human work and effortIncreased privacy concerns
Saves time and effortIncreased unemployment rates
Good for personal safety and securityHighly dependent on the internet
Useful in traffic and other tracking or monitoring systemsLack of mental and physical activity by humans leading to health issues.
Beneficial for the healthcare industryComplex system for maintenance
Improved security in homes and officesLack of security
Reduced use of many electronic devices as one device does the job of a lot of other devicesAbsence of international standards for better communication
Internet of things technology & Applications

So, that’s all about the Internet of things definition and examples. Now you know the IoT applications meaning if you want to implement your own IoT applications ideas then you get the brief about this technology. Let me provide some of the IoT projects ideas using Arduino plant communicator, self-service cat feeder, smart garbage monitoring system, cocktail mixing robot, Bluetooth-based home automation, and many others. You can’t consider it as an IoT projects for beginners you find by yourself and if it is easy then first complete that.

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