Importance of privacy enhancing technology in nowdays


Here in this article, we will discuss about privacy enhancing technology. What is enhancing technology ? You also know in this article privacy enhancing computing. Also know in this articleprivacy enhancing technologies examples. We will cover in this article privacy enhancing technologies definition, privacy enhancing technology advantages and disadvantages and privacy enhancing techniques.

Let’s start with privacy enhancing technology :

A group of systems, and tools together referred to privacy enhancing technology are intended to improve security and privacy in a variety of application. privacy enhancing technology makes it possible for people and businesses to safetheir data and personal information from misuse and disclosure. A wide range of technologies are included in privacy enhancing technology including privacy-enhancing browser extensions that protect user privacy, data anonymization, and encryption.

Privacy enhancing computing

There are the 3 types of privacy enhancing computation :

  1. Trusted data processing environments that enable data security.
  2. Machine learning with analytical skills that is sensitive to privacy.
  3. Via transforming algorithms, homomorphic encryption is used to protect data privacy.

Privacy enhancing technology advantages and disadvantages

Here advantages of Privacy enhancing technology :

  • Enhancing Data Privacy
  • Study of privacy laws and policy
  • Enhanced Integrity and Trust
  • Improved Security

Here disadvantages of Privacy enhancing technology :

  • Cost
  • Technical Difficulty
  • Problems with Integration

Privacy enhancing technologies examples

There are examples of privacy enhancing technologies 2023 :

  1. Privacy-focused search engines : Search engine that prioritise privacy like DuckDuckGo, don’t follow users online activities or loss their personal data.
  2. Privacy-enhancing browser extensions like Privacy badger which can block all third party ads and trackers .
  3. Privacy enhancing framework : A collection of tools and methods known as the Privacy-Enhancing Framework enables computing, storage, and communication while protecting privacy.

Privacy enhancing tools

Here some privacy enhancing tools to enhanced privacy for data analytics use secure your privacy while using internet.

  • VPN
  • Tor Browser
  • DuckDuck Go

Secure multiparty computation

A branch of privacy enhancing cryptography called secure multi party computing aim to develop techniques that allow parties to collaboratively compute a function over their inputs while maintaining the privacy of all inputs. Unlike to traditional cryptographic jobs where the adversary is external to the system of participants and cryptography ensures the security and integrity of communication or storage the cryptography in this model protects player privacy from one another.

Privacy-enhancing computation techniques

  • Differential Privacy
  • Federated Learning
  • Homomorphic Encryption
  • Secure Enclaves
  • Synthetic Data

Privacy policies and regulations of privacy enhancing technology

In the field of IT privacy policy is a statement that explains to users how a technology, product, or service will utilise their personal data. Because there are so many IT system and products that collect and use user personal information in so many different ways the word privacy policy is now frequently used in the industry.

Privacy enhancing technology summit and symposium

Events like the privacy enhancing technology symposium are organised by company and industry experts to address the growing demand for privacy enhancing technology. These conferences bring together subject matter specialists to talk about recent developments in privacy enhancing technology and offer a setting for networking and cooperation. With increasing number of attend each year the privacy enhancing technology summit and symposium have developed into significant conferences in the privacy sector.

Privacy enhancing technology market size

The Privacy enhancing technology market size is to increase greatlly as the value of data privacy rises. The market for privacy enhancing technology is reach $15.34 billion by 2023 rising at a compound annual growth rate of 16.8 % from 2017 to 2023 according to a report by market research future . The market’s expansion can be due to elements like the rising use of cloud-based technologies and the rise in demand for data security and privacy.

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