Different Types of Computer Networks


A computer network is a bunch of PCs sharing assets situated on or given by network hubs. The computers utilize normal correspondence conventions over advanced interconnections to speak with one another. These interconnections are comprised of telecom network advancements, in light of genuinely wired, optical, and remote radio-recurrence techniques that might be sorted out in an assortment of organization geographies. There are total of 4 different types of computer networks, which we explain in this post. You can compare WAN vs LAN definition, WAN vs LAN cable uses and WAN vs LAN ports after reading this full article.

Types of Computer Networks
Types of Computer Networks

Computer Network :

There are total of four different types of computer networks, Wireless LAN, 2. Wireless MAN, 3. Wireless PAN, and 4. Wireless WAN. We give local area network (LAN) definition, information of WAN network advantages and disadvantages, information of personal area network service and all about wireless MAN technology below. Let’s start to know each computer network type in detail.

1. Wireless LAN :

Local area network meaning is, a Local area network(LAN) is a computer network that interconnects PCs inside a restricted region, for example, a home, school, research facility, college grounds or place of business. Conversely, a wide region organization (WAN) covers a bigger geographic distance as well as for the most part includes rented media transmission circuits.

Local area network usage in Ethernet and Wi-Fi. Local area network and security are the best and local area network benefits are outstanding in 2022. Many people want to know about local area network block diagram, local area network connection, and new local area network features. Local area network for wireless devices like wifi is best, it’s popular because local area network security and local area network communication are better than others.

2. Wireless MAN :

Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) definition is, MAN network is bigger than a LAN but more modest than a WAN, a MAN integrates components of the two kinds of organizations. It interfaces various LANs together and ranges a whole topographical region like a city or town (or in some cases a grounds). Possession and the board can be taken care of by a solitary individual, however, it’s more probable done by a bigger organization or association.

★ Related New Technology :

Many people also want to know the wireless MAN definition and MAN network meaning for understanding metropolitan area network diagram. If you want to know the MAN network advantages and disadvantages and the latest features of metropolitan area network communication search it on Google, you get lots of latest posts and blogs, that helps to understand about computer networks.

3. Wireless PAN :

Personal Area Network definition is, wireless PAN network is the littlest and most essential organization that you’ll find. It’s intended to cover a tiny region (commonly a solitary room or building). A PAN is generally usually utilized for one individual and to interface simply a modest bunch of gadgets like a PC, PDA, and printer. Presumably the most notable PAN innovation is Bluetooth association. In this way, next time you associate your telephone to your vehicle to play music, you can thank your Personal Area Network.

The Personal Area Network benefits are, 1. it no extra space requires, 2. No need for extra cable and wire, 3. Secure & reliable, 4. easy to use etc. If you want to know the personal area network advantages and disadvantages and differences between personal area network vs local area network search it online. There are a lot of personal area network applications available like for Home and Offices, Organizations and the Business sector, Medical and Hospital etc.

4. Wireless WAN :

WAN network meaning is, it’s a broadcast communications network that stretches out over an enormous geographic region. Wide region networks are frequently settled with rented telecom circuits. Organizations, as well as schools and government elements, utilize wide region organizations to hand-off information to staff, understudies, clients, purchasers and providers from different areas all over the planet. Fundamentally, this method of telecom permits a business to really complete its everyday capability paying little heed to area. The Internet might be viewed as a WAN. For a more detailed wide area network definition or wide area network block diagram, you need to read the posts of Wikipedia or other platforms that provides information about computer networks.

You can clearly understand LAN network connection, wide area network vs local area network, and wireless PAN technology. We give detailed information on wide area network benefits, wireless MAN networks, and other types of computer networks. If you want to know more about personal area network (PAN), or WAN vs LAN networks read Wikipedia’s article. Many people also find LAN network diagram, WAN network diagram, and differences between metropolitan area network vs wide area network online at this time. There are a lot of posts on local area network advantages and disadvantages and wide area network (WAN) connection types, read that online for increasing your knowledge. We give new updated information, so check our posts frequently to stay updated.

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