Mobile Computing : Definition, Overview, and Application with Advantages and Disadvantages


We all use mobiles and wireless devices but how it will work we don’t know. That’s why this technology is used related to wireless communication and mobile computing. This is a very interesting topic where you can learn how all the systems or mobile towers are used.

Mobile Computing
Mobile Computing

Here in this post, we discuss related to what is mobile computing and application development. Different types of mobile computing and which are the mobile computing advantages that will help in the future.

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What is Mobile Computing?

Let’s get a brief idea that what is mobile computing and, in this article, you considered mobile computing notes. You all are clear about wireless communication which means data communication from one device to another without the use of a landline. But mobile computing means a computational device that is not always connected to the central network.

Mobile Computing Work

But remember that there is a difference between mobile computing and cloud computing. Mobile computing means not every device is connected to the central network. And cloud computing means all the servers are remote and you can decide the run time, which resources you need, and for which you need to pay. That’s why mobile computing and cloud computing are different fields that will never go to be the same use in the future.

Mobile computing architecture meaning to various layers between client application points of interaction, gadgets, and organization equipment. A distinct design is important for deliberate estimations and admittance to information and programming objects.

How does Mobile Computing Work?

In these mobile computing devices, we can add like mobile, laptops as well as personal computers, tablets, etc.  And in that, we can be connected with a wireless network connection such as wi-fi or cellular data. Now in a short time, we use 5G technology which is a very huge success in wireless communication. All the mobile devices store the data locally and access that data don’t require the internet.  

Mobile and PCs normally oblige admittance to both remote and wired innovation. Admittance to shared network assets, including portable cloud-based assets, is fundamental given the cooperative idea of work today. Incorporated, battery-powered batteries power cell phones, and most can run on an exchanging current (AC) power source when utilized from a decent area.

But for this mobile computing importance, there are various types of mobile computing is used. So, below we see the different mobile computing types.

Mobile Computing Used?

Mobile Computing Applications

Let’s first see where mobile computation is used. In short, you can say mobile computing applications. Because in this internet era all the devices are very intelligent. But where these mobile computing applications are used and in some of that, you might be involved also.

  • For Internet as well as web access
  • In GPS
  • Emergency Services
  • E-mail Services
  • Educational field
  • Entertainment field

Types of Mobile Computing?

There are various types of mobile computing devices and based on that method will be decided. Mainly there are two types of mobile computing.

1. Portable Computing:  Portable Computing needs to require wired correspondence. All clients have the opportunity to move these gadgets themselves anyplace and whenever however it expects to get to them to make association them with an organization line.

2. Mobility Computing: It is likewise called “Portable Computing”, so it alludes to a remote correspondence framework. Versatile registering produces a better climate where clients can send any kind of information from one area to another area anyplace and whenever with utilizing portable figuring gadgets without getting any actual associations.

After seeing the above different types of mobile computing types based on the various mobile computing types of devices we need to select. Up to this point you are aware related to mobile computing applications and basic mobile computing introduction.

Advantages of Mobile Computing?

This technology also has mobile computing advantages and disadvantages. Let’s first see the advantage of mobile computing.

Advantages :

  • Save timing
  • Increase Productivity
  • Good scope in the research field
  • Enhance the Business field

Disadvantages :

  • High battery consumption
  • Bandwidth problem
  • Connectivity issue

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